Thursday, December 22, 2011

OOTD 12/22/2011 - Stripes Squared

I am all over this layering trend lately.  I've layered sweaters over shirts, shirts over shirts, sweaters over shirts over's layering madness! (But in a good way  :o))

Today is no exception....and stripes over checks, no less.  I'm sure that used to be some sort of fashion faux stripes with plaids, don't wear black with blue, don't wear patent after labor day...way too many rules!  and hey look, I broke all three in one fell swoop.  I think some of the fashion rules are outdated and well just plain wrong.  Fashion is ever-evolving and we have to move and change with it or else we run the risk of looking frumpy, old fashioned and antiquated.  And who wants that?!  Do you follow "fashion rules"?  Or are there some that you're willing to break?

J Crew Check Shirt from Holiday 2009 - Size 6
Old Navy 3/4 Length Sleeve Stripe Sweater from Fall 2011 - Size M
J Crew Cords in Sandlewood - Size 28
J Crew Juliet Patent Pumps in Black


  1. If they are in the same color family, then I consider it a free game - you look great!

  2. Thanks Lisa! We're such rebels!! :oP

  3. Love love loooooove your layering here - seriously, I just think layering brings so much to an outfit and you've got it down perfectly! Happy Holidays! Can't wait to see what you wear for Christmas :)

    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes <3

  4. Awww, thanks Tasia! I'm a graduate of J Crew's Layering 101 class. :o)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!