Wednesday, December 21, 2011

OOTD 12/21/2011 - Honeycomb Kid

Today's outfit was inspired by a picture from the most recent J Crew catalog.  I love those things...and have pulled together so many outfits just by recreating their looks with items already in my closet.  I have most of the catalogs spanning back to 2009 and periodically peruse them for looks that I can reproduce.  If  you were to gaze upon my catalogs, you would comprehend the depth of my love for them as a result of their dog-eared pages, post-it notes, etc.  You know, occasionally, we all have a "fashion mental block".  It happens to the best of us!  In those situations, these catalogs are a great tool.  Anybody else that's holds on to their catalogs for inspiration?  Or am I a lone wolf?

BTW...Also important to note:  I was in J Crew today and they are still running the 30% off promo of everything in store...regular price and sale items.

       J Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Heather Acorn - Size XS
Merona for Target Chambray Shirt - Size S
J Crew Factory Wool Pencil Skirt in Gray - Size 4
J Crew Heather Carbon Tights
J Crew Crystal Ball Necklace
J Crew Gray Wool Flannel and Tortoise Pumps


  1. I love your outfit! And, I totally agree, I don't know what I'd do some days if I didn't have J. Crew catalogs for inspiration.

  2. If I'd known JCrew was going to change so much over the years I'd have kept my old catalogues! I adore the ones I have--I love the Crewcut ideas too. I do miss some of their older looks and agree with you that they should do vintage versions of their own-oldies but-goodies.

    I love your style! I found your blog by way of...hmm. How did I find you? Your name pulled me in though--love tweed and toile! I plan on using Christmas vaca to catch up on all your old posts!

  3. I have only started to collect the J. Crew catalogs this year. I find myself flipping through pages once in a while to get ideas. I think I'm going to keep them and build up my collection. Thanks for the good tips!

  4. Thanks Rynetta...I would kill to have my old 2006-2008 catalogs! Don't know what I was thinking when I trashed them. :o( are so sweet! Glad you found the blog...hope you can find some useful information and some inspiration.
    Funny you mentioned that about crewcuts too...I have used those combos as well.

    Small Town Gal...Most definitely, hold on to them. I have mine in the night table right beside my bed. Sweet (J Crew) dreams! :o)

  5. ah! This outfit combo is making me so excited - I scored this sweater last week on promo in the hthr graphite and I can't wait to recieve it this week in the mail :) I love using J. Crew catalogues to remix outfits and color combos - I'm especially glad the Crew brought the catalogues back online again. I have an outta control stack of my Crew Catalogues....and since my job causes me to move frequently, they are becoming an issue :P hehe Fantastic post :)


  6. Great outfit - love the Honeycomb sweater on you! I moved 3 times during 2005-2007, during which time J. Crew put out some of their best ever catalogs. Each time I moved, I tossed out my J. Crew catalogs. Still regretting it!! (Especially when I see unscrupulous Ebay sellers trying to sell old catalogs for $40 each!) I always use the catalogs for inspiration, especially the colour combinations.

  7. Tasia...enjoy your sweater! It's a shedder...I've nicknamed it Sir Sheds Alot! :o) Actually the last couple of times I've worn it haven't been as bad... but the first time there was crazy shedding. and I had on black jeans. Good thing I had a lent roller handy! :o)

    Louise...Oh, I would love, love, love to have those catalogs. Those were J Crew's glory days imo. I just went and looked on ebay...I can't believe it! People never cease to amaze....