Thursday, April 5, 2012

OOTD 4/5/2012 - Big News

First things ootd.

J Crew Factory Stripe Perfect Shirt in Blue - Size S
J Crew Wool Cafe Capri in Maraschino Cherry - Size 4
J Crew Wide Cafe Hair Belt - Size S
J Crew Serengeti Peep Toe Pumps

Now on to the good stuff!  Remember J Crew's Seersucker Pencil Skirt from last year?

For those of you who missed out, the Crewlet has its version of this skirt in-stores now.  It is almost identical to its retail predecessor.  A few minor differences that you wouldn't notice unless you had the two side-by-side. 

The factory version fits tts. (I took my normal 4).  It is lined and like the retail version, it also has the exposed back zip.  I know for some that was a deal breaker.

It retails for $79.50 and my store had a $10 off pencil skirts promo.  I'm not sure if it is an in-store only item or if perhaps, it will be uploaded to the factory site tomorrow with new arrivals.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Uh! I just looooove the cherry capris and blue stripe button up!!!! Red is my fav color. I'm gettin' me some red capris. :):)
    Hope you have great.

    1. Haha! Every girl needs some red capris in her life! :o)
      I hope you have a wonderful Easter as well! Rejoice, He is Risen!

    2. Yes, He is risen.
      We are never the same after we encounter the love of God.

  2. I had wanted that skirt so bad but missed out on it! I loved all your PV sets with the seersucker! I can get maybe one or 2 more things for Spring/Summer with my budget, I'll have to go try this one on. When you get your Jade skirt please do a post on it I want to see how you style it. :))

    1. Definitely, you need to try this one...I think you will be pleased! and it can be dressed up or down. It's a must for spring/summer!
      The jade skirt is on its way...I was finally able to place my order. I will definitely post some outfits once it arrives. :o)