Monday, April 2, 2012

Mr. Zebra - Style Remix

Look 1 - Mr. Zebra At Play

J Crew Factory Sequin Zebra Tee - Size S
J Crew Collegiate Cardi - Size S
J Crew Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
Tretorn Canvas Sneakers for J Crew

Look 2 - Mr. Zebra Does Polished Casual

J Crew Factory Chambray Schoolboy Blazer - Size 4
J Crew Factory Sequin Zebra Tee - Size S
Old Navy Bootcut Jeans in White
J Crew Factory Twisted Pearl Hammock Necklace
J Crew Jewel Leather Capri Sandals

Look 3 - Mr. Zebra Goes To The Office

J Crew Forever Cardigan in Spearmint - Size S
J Crew Factory Sequin Zebra Tee - Size S
J Crew Classic Cafe Capri in Black - Size 2
J Crew Crystal Ball Necklace
Ann Taylor Loft Irene Sandals in Black

Evolving fashion, among other things, is about breaking old habits.  I used to have the habit of wearing the same items together all of the time, instead of "mixing it up".  However, now I try to be a bit more creative and mix different pieces to create an array of diverse looks. 

You're able to "get more mileage" from a particular piece of clothing and typically, boredom doesn't set in as quickly.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. Love the ZEBRA in so many looks. I have the FS chambray blazer and cannot wait to pair it with the zebra and my Tretorn's too! Thanks.

    1. I LOVE this blazer!! and what a fabulous idea to put the tretorns with the two of them! Thank You! :o)

  2. Cuuuute tee! I have come to realize that I need more cute graphic tees in my closet. I hope J. Crew releases some new ones this summer :) Love your zebra!


    1. I missed out on the original version so when the Crewlet came out with this one, I pounced! I love J Crew's graphic tees and have a ton of them. I'm with you, I wish they would do some cute summer releases. (fingers crossed :o))

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks E...Glad you enjoyed it! :o)