Sunday, January 1, 2012

OOTD 1/1/2012- New Year Sparkle

Firstly, Happy 2012!!!

Secondly, HELP!!  Save me from myself!  I've purchased another stripe sweater.  I noticed this sweater when it first debuted but wasn't willing to pay the $118 on the price tag.

So, when I happened across it on the sale rack at J Crew the other day with an additional 30% off ($55), it was a no-brainer.  I snatched it up, pronto!  I love the neutral colors...and I don't believe I have this color combo in my stripe arsenal.  (Besides, it has sequins!  :o))

Speaking of stripe arsenal, I took a little inventory.  While a touch embarrassing, I think if I found a red/white stripe sweater, I would pounce!  Any of you ladies share my love for stripes?

 J Crew Wynter Sweater in Sequin Stripe - Size S
J Crew Paisley Perfect Shirt - Size 6
Old Navy Black Denim Jeans - Size 6
J Crew Serengeti Peep-Toes Pumps


  1. This sweater is perfect on you and a wardrobe workhorse. Love it!

  2. Happy new year! Love this whole outfit! Lol at your stripes arsenal. I have one as well, as you know. This one feels very different and unique though. ;) Red/white would be a nice combo to find. There was a cute green/navy pullover at Old Navy today for $15 on promo BTW. Just sayin'.

  3. I love the pattern and texture mixes in your outfit!

  4. Yes, I'm a little stripe-overloaded. But I like it. That is a great sweater - love it with the leopard. Happy 2012. xx

  5. Love this sweater Andrea! I tried to get one for myself, but just found the blue version in XS...:-(
    Happy New Year! You look fabulous!

  6. I keep thinking I'm done with stripes and even said no! to these because of the fabric but succumbed to them due to the sequins. ;) What a great deal you got, and you look gorgeous in it! I've been trying to find red and white (wide) stripes since summer, and found it's like the red gingham shirt, sounds like it should be easy ...

  7. Coincidentally, I wore the pink version of this same sweater with a pink gingham shirt today! Oh, and happy new year to you ... xo!

  8. Thanks Tammy...Stripes and Sequins, Perfection! :o)

    M...I think several of us have a "stripe arsenal", don't we?! Hmmm...I may have to check out the navy/green stripes...and $15! You little enabler, you!! :o)

    Hexicon...thanks! I've come a long way with pattern and texture mixing thanks to the wonderful blogs and the stylish gals on polyvore.

  9. sparklesandsparrows...Just when I think I don't need any more stripes, something a little different comes along. :o)

    Thanks Andrea...I was most definitely lucky to find this one! Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a fabulous start!

    TR...I've told myself "no more stripes" several time, but I don't seem to be listening...the stripes just keep coming! :o) I ordered the red/white gingham shirt from J Crew...its on backorder until Feb. If you haven't found one yet, you might go that route. If you locate the wide red/white striped sweater, let me know...sounds like just what I'm looking for.
    Oh, I bet this sweater in pink with pink gingham was gorgeous! How about an irl, without a finger! (Ha..knee-slap :o))