Thursday, January 5, 2012

OOTD 1/5/2012 - Copy Cat and A Color Story

I borrowed (translated...stole) today's look from the adorable Lisa of "Respect the Shoes."  (See her here)  See I told you she was a cutie!

J Crew Trap Glass Necklace
J Crew Black Patent Mary Jane Pumps
This outfit includes two of my favorite things...stripes and vibrant flame.  You guys already know about my affinity for stripes.  I have several things that call out to me....plaid, gingham, animal print and vibrant flame (or many of the other names that J Crew calls this orangy-red color) , just to name a few. 

Speaking of orangy-red, I recently purchased the Factory Skimmer Pant in modern red.  The modern red chino shorts were one of my best Summer 2011 purchases, so I pounced on these.  (and I was able to use the current 25% off cost $40.87).  However, word of warning, this modern red is not an exact match to its retail predecessor.  It is a bit brighter and a touch more orange but imo just as fabulous.  

A Color Story (from top to bottom)

2. Modern Red (Retail Chino Shorts)
4. Cerise (Factory Stripe Tank)
5. Poppy (Biella Loafer)


  1. Cute outfit! I have the same shirt and I love stripes too. Thanks for the beautiful suggestion!

  2. STG...isn't this shirt great?! and the price! well, you can't beat it!

  3. Such a cute outfit! I love the simple stripes with the pop of orange!

  4. Oh you're like a slimmer, more put-together, chic-er version of me, haha! ;o)
    You look sleek and fantastic, I love this combo!

  5. Thanks Jennifer! :o)

    Lisa...I don't know about all of that but thanks for the sweet comment, nonetheless. :o) You're as chic as they come! and thanks to you and the fact that I do a "mean copy", all of my pals here in NC "think" I'm chic as well! :D
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I'm in love with that skirt- it is just what I need to freshen up my wardrobe. You look gorgeous as always!

  7. EverydayMomStyle...This skirt is fabulous! I love this color (obviously :o)) I think you would really like this skirt and imo, it's actually very versatile.