Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OOTD 1/3/2012- Play It Again, Sam

Back to work today, so I figured that I needed a little more sparkle! and unfortunately, it's very cold here in NC today...high in the 30's and very windy...with the wind chill, we're in the teens.   Brrrrr!!  So since old man winter showed up, I switched out the peep toes for tights and closed toe shoes.

Wish me luck, you guys...I think I'm going to need it!

J Crew Wynter Sweater in Sequin Stripe - Size S
J Crew Paisley Perfect Shirt - Size 6
J Crew Factory Pencil Skirt in Gray - Size 4
Merona for Target Black Tights
J Crew Black Patent Mary Jane Pumps


  1. This is scary. I, too, decided to wear my wynter sweater in sequin stripe again and to work today. I have kind of the opposite problem, it will be in the high 70s so I'm not layering with a shirt but I will add a jacket in case they have the AC blasting in my office. Good luck surviving the cold ... burrrrr!

  2. Oh my gosh, TR, it is so cold! I just came back in from lunch and my toes are like little blocks of ice! Great minds think alike...either that or we were both just too lazy to come up with something original. :o)

  3. Oh the wynter sweater ... I wish-washed for about a week on that piece and before I knew it, it was loooong gone! But it's not like I need more stripes in my life ... but the sequins, gah!

  4. Lisa, I have so many stripes, its ridiculous, but did it stop me from snatching this one up when I found it hanging on the sale rack? Nope! I really need an intervention! :o)

    Thanks rynetta! This sweater is divine! Don't you have the pink version? Tiffany Rose, said she wore her pink one with pink gingham. Bet that was cute!

  5. This sweater is divine, I agree! I do have the pink version. I had this one too, but I didn't like the goldish color on me so I returned this one. You look super cute as always!!! I'm searching Tiffany Rose's blog now for a picture--I love the idea of wearing it with pink gingham!

  6. I don't think she's posted and irl yet...though I did make a request. :o) I bet that would be really cute on you!

  7. You got that right, it took a lot just to get dressed and out the door, let alone trying for something original. But definitely great minds! ;) Figured a little sparkle could help the day. And you're right I don't have IRL pics yet, gotta get that solved. To make up for it for now, check out my polyvore ideas here.