Friday, January 20, 2012

OOTD 1/20/2012-"Red Hot" Theme Week - Day 4

Alright, I'm finishing out the week in my new schoolboy blazer in maraschino cherry. (maraschino cherry is a true red)  I ordered this back before Christmas with one of the many promos and it finally shipped a couple of weeks ago.

This little guy filled a void in my closet.  Surprisingly, I was missing a red blazer...and everybody needs a red blazer...right?!  It is very well made...100% wool, fully lined and the fit is tts. (I took my normal J Crew blazer size)  I also love the gold crested buttons which add a little extra bling!  One other nice feature worth mentioning, it has two cute little pockets about the size of a cell phone and the other is just perfect for that favorite tube of lipstick.  (My husband says I'm sucked in by packaging and he's's those little details that get me everytime.)

It you don't have a red blazer currently in your closet, substitute a red cardi to complete the look.

Hopefully, everybody enjoyed theme week!  Thanks to some of you girls who've been playing along (Ina and Tiffany Rose)  We'll have to do it again sometime!

J Crew Boy Shirt in Carrick Tartan - Size 6
Merona for Target Chambray Shirt - Size S
American Eagle Skinny Jeans - Size 6
J Crew Christiane Calf Hair Ballet Flats


  1. Ooh, I think I do need a red blazer in my life - can you believe I don't own a single schoolboy blazer? I tried the plaid one with the elbow patches a few months ago but I was so disappointed by the patches that I didn't about how the rest of the blazer fit me. Hm, may need to revisit this ...

    1. Oh my goodness, you really must fix this! and quick! Besides this one has that cute little lipstick pocket! :o)

  2. i was fun wearing red this week,even though i have just started to add red to my closet.
    thanks for the inspiration.!

    1. Thanks for playing along! BTW...I love your red jeans!