Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OOTD 1/18/2012-"Red Hot" Theme Week - Day 2

Day 2...of "Red Hot" Theme Week.  I thought I better tone it down a bit today...yesterday's double shot of red proved to be a little more than some of my co-workers could stand.

As I walked into the office yesterday, I was greeted by..."red and orange?  Really?" 

Yeah, really!  and I liked it quite a bit!  I wonder what some people feel gives them the right to make negative comments on someone else's attire?  I see people sometimes and think, what in the world was she thinking?  But I would never voice those thoughts.  And generally, if you feel the need to comment, you can always find something nice to say.

So, here's a mild Red Hot look!  :o)  Do you ladies have co-workers who critique your outfits and offer you unsolicited fashion advice?

J Crew Factory Stripe Tank in Cerise - Size XS
J Crew Factory Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace
J Crew Teuta Peep-Toe Pumps in Orange


  1. Love this outfit and love the one from yesterday, too! The people in your office definitely sound like they have no style sense...I wouldn't give a second thought to their opinions. But I'm like you--it's one thing to *think* something negative, but to say it to someone's face is so rude! That reminds me of a time when I was working and a co-worker tapped me on the shoulder (as I was in the middle of WORKING) and says, "You know...that color lipstick you wear really doesn't look good on would look better in paler colors." WTH? Who does that?! LOL :)

  2. i love both of your outfits too!
    like kittywitty said,dont give a second thought,because often people that comment or give the "stares" have no clue themselves.
    it is definitly very rude to comment on fashion choices.

  3. People who are envious, insecure, or unhappy make comments like that. Sounds like they could use some cheery colors in their life!! You're always so classy and beautiful; I'd pay them no mind. :-)

  4. KW...Who says these things?! People never cease to amaze me!

    Ina...This particular person has made comments before and I usually just consider the source...but I just started thinking about how terribly rude it was.

    Erin...I think you're right! and she definitely needs some cheery color around!

    Thanks to all three of you for your support and the sweet comments! Hugs and Kisses! :o)

  5. I was thinking the same as Erin. Maybe your co-worker was secretly jealous she wouldn't be bold or creative enough to put those colors together. I, for one, am gonna take your lead and wear red and orange together!!

  6. TR...Can't wait to see your red/orange combo! :o) I thought it looked really good together!