Thursday, January 12, 2012

OOTD 1/12/2012 - Wildcat

I had a really hard time getting dressed this morning.  (It probably didn't help that I was awake half of the night with a headache)  I always pick my clothes out the night makes the mornings run more smoothly.  However, this morning I just wasn't feeling the outfits that I had pulled together.  I like both of them, but they were giving off a fall vibe. 

In the end, I paired the Natasha wildcat with my black cardigan and cafe wool trousers.  The heather caramel color of the pants is almost an exact match to the small acorn brown color in the wildcat print.

As for the wildcat natasha, I love it!  The leopard spot print is absolutely gorgeous!  I like the high neckline and of course, the ruffles.  As for fit, I am usually a 4 or 6 in J Crew tops and went with the 4 in this one.

Ann Taylor Loft V-Neck Cardigan in Black - Size S
Cole Haan Tortoise Patent Pumps

These were the original outfits that I had put together to showcase the natasha.


  1. Love all of the outfits, but know what you mean about hating to wear something that screams a different season. The Natasha in this print is really adorable. Did you pick anything up this morning with the sale restock?

  2. M, you know me and my animal print! Another one of my many obsessions! :o) I didn't get anything this morning...of course, you know I'm eyeing the factory maritime. I have gotten so much lately...factory skimmer pant in modern red, the origami dress in black, the wildcat...and several are on backorder...the red gingham perfect shirt, the polka-dot popover, the tippi in vibrant flame. Whew, I'm worn out! :o) How about you? What goodies did you find?

  3. Sorry to read about your rough night. I hope you'll feel better today!

    The Natasha top is so pretty on you! If I didn't already have so many animal prints, I would definitely go for it. Your outfit looks great. I also really like the top with the wool pencil skirt.

  4. Thanks ABC! I'm feeling some better but I still have this lingering pain behind my left eye...ah, the joy of migranes.

    Yep, the natasha is a winner! I'll have to see if can remember the outfit with the bronzed ochre skirt next fall. :o)