Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OOTD 1/31/2012 - and the answer to...Why women need so many shoes?

As I was perusing a recent Redbook magazine, I ran across the article, "What Men Want to Know About Women."  The number one question men had was...."Why do women need so many shoes?"

Here's the witty answer given by Heather Cocks, co-founder of the celebrity fashion blog, Go Fug Yourself.

Shoes are a craving, like candy minus the calories. An especially hot pair can make us feel sexier, taller, and stronger, all without any creepy injectibles or carb-free crash diets. No matter what our drama — stress, bloating, breakups — shoes almost always fit, and if not, there's no guilt in going up a size. Not to mention that our wardrobes are as complicated as we are: Can I tuck those Jeans into boots, or are they stiletto-optimized? Do I need to wear my Triscuit-binge pants, which only take flats? Maybe an outfit requires brown shoes, but what shade? And if those brown shoes chafed my foot yesterday, then today I want a pair that won't hit the same spot. Hey, what would you guys prefer — that we stock up on actual crack?

I totally agree with Heather.  The right shoe can transform an outfit and give you that extra boost of confidence that you need to take the world by storm.  and there are so many different nuances that we need to consider when pulling a look together.

What's your opinion on the shoe issue...Can you relate to Heather?

J Crew Spotted Cat Cardigan - Size S
J Crew Factory Frances Stripe Blouse - Size S
J Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt in Bronzed Ochre - Size 6
J Crew Plaid Spectator Mary Jane Pumps


  1. Totally agree! Shoes can make an outfit pop even more. Want extra confidence? Wear your favorite pair of heels and make yourself proud.

    1. Exactly...instant self confidence booster! :o)

  2. Totally agree with Heather! But I also find that personally, I have so many shoes because I love changing up shoes with my outfit depending on what colors I'm wearing - I'm a huuuuge fan of color :P

    and secondly OMG those shoes are to die for! Seriously, you have the most lust-worthy J. Crew closet on the planet :P


    1. Haha...my closet has been many years in the making!
      As for these shoes, totally agreed...they are fab! Some of my favorites!
      I blame my "shoe habit" on my grandmother. She kept me quite a bit in my formative years and she had the sickness too! :o)

  3. Don't even ask! What about boots? There are tall, short and mid-height, heeled and flat, black, brown and camel/tan to start with. Think there's a math formula to calculate the possibilities ...

    1. So that's why we took calculus!! :oP