Saturday, November 5, 2011

OOTD 11/5/2011

Today I paid a visit to the Crewlet and my outfit was planned around "easy on and off" in the dressing room.  However, as it turned out, it really didn't matter.  I didn't see anything that I couldn't live without.  It probably didn't help that the place was crawling with people, so it was really hard to get around to look at things.  (I don't like that.  :o(  and didn't expect it until Thanksgiving...guess the Christmas shopping season has started already.)

I did notice that the Factory store is offering lots of great items from past retail seasons...
-The Timber Tweed Skirt -it looked very much like the retail version, metallic bronze threading and all.  The only difference I noticed, perhaps the tweed is not quite as chunky/knotty.
-The Tartan Perfect Shirt - same here, it looked like the retail version...same color and saturation.  The difference I noticed, the factory version has a front (left, I think) pocket.
So, if you missed out on some of these the first go-round, you might want to snag these factory versions.

LL Bean Corduroy Jacket in Golden Cider - Size 4
J Crew Graphic Rose Tee - Size M
Mossimo for Target Bootcut Jeans - Size 4
Ann Taylor Loft Flannel Ballet Flats
J Crew Factory Pearl Hammock Twisted Necklace(OOPS, I took the pics before I added the necklace...but it added a bit more polish to the look.)

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