Saturday, November 26, 2011

OOTD 11/25/2011 and 11/26/2011

I have so enjoyed this last week away from work and I am already starting to think about facing Monday and what will be awaiting me.  Uggg!  I'm telling myself not to think about it...concentrate on the "good stuff"...time spent with family and the like.  The boys are outside right now shooting down some mistletoe for decorating.  I purchased my wreaths for the front doors yesterday and I'm planning to put the bows on them later today.  I guess we'll probably get our Christmas tree next weekend.  Another bit of good news, I'm officially finished with my Christmas shopping....let the wrapping begin!

J Crew Factory Stripe Lambswool Popover - Size XS
J Crew Candy Tee in Citron - Size S
J Crew Factory Twisted Hammock Pearl Necklace
J Crew Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
J Crew Kinzie Calf-Hair Ballet Flats

J Crew Stripe Snap Tee in Faded Black - Size S
J Crew Arrow Sweater Jacket in Camel - size S
Old Navy Polka Dot Scarf in Gray
J Crew Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
Call It Spring Beechum Patent Loafers in Black


  1. I like both of your outfits - stripes are always chic. You are so efficient with holiday shopping! Now you can really begin to enjoy the season.

    It's a shock to the system getting back to work after taking time off, isn't it? I always found within an hour it felt like I never left.

    Hope you have a great week ahead. :)

  2. This has nothing to do with today's post but how many pairs of matchsticks do you own?!!!! My BF and I have a small wager going...lets see who is closer!!

  3. ABC...haha, didn't realize I wore stripes two days in a row until I read your comment! (But I'm not surprised...I have way too many stripes)
    Exactly, I can enjoy the season and I don't have to fight the "crazies"! :o)
    I think you're right about getting back to work...the anticipation of going back may be the worst part. Thanks for your well wishes!

    Cryst...matchsticks, specifically...3...two denim and one corduroy. Make sure to let me know who wins!

  4. Darnit!! I was sure you had like 7 or 8 pairs!!! I lost-she said 4......We both bought our first pair today-were holding off until a big sale hit plus we had mall coupons so they wound up @ $45 a pair...not bad!!!

  5. I have a pair of similar-ish black loafers that I haven't worn very often because I can never think of how - am going to have to copy the rolled up denim thing. (Not looking forward to returning to work either - it won't be THAT bad in reality, but you can sure bet I'll have anxiety tonight thinking about it!)