Friday, November 25, 2011

The Deal of The Century

All right, girls...fasten your seat belt, hold on to your hat and prepare to be AMAZED!  

I visited to Lynchburg clearance center the other day.  They had several great deals, but I was able to contain myself to just one purchase.  Remember the Biella loafers ($228) that I've raved about and also mentioned that I'd like to have the black as well, if they made it to sale?  Well, as fate would have it, they had a pair of black Biella's in my size for $90.  As great as that is, the story doesn't end there.

The day that I was there, they were offering 20% off everything in the store, bringing the cost of the shoes to $72.  Not bad!  Not bad, at all...I'll take them!  So, I take my shoes to the register, the SA rings them up, I hand her my J Crew card and she says, "Just a second, I'll have to call over to the other store so they can run the CC.  We don't have a CC machine."  Ok, no problem!  (wait, wait, wait)  The other store won't answer the phone.  (They were extremely busy because they were having a friends and family warehouse sale)  The SA hangs up and tries again...after several minutes, still no answer.  By this time, her line has backed up with several other customers, so she ask if I minded, if she voided my sale, checked out some other customers, and then she would try again.  "Sure", I said "That's fine!"  The SA rang out a few more customers and another SA shows up and opens another register.  So the SA who had been helping me, calls back to the other store to no avail...still no answer.  I said, "I can use another card.  I just like to use my J Crew card so I get credit for my rewards card."  The kind SA says, "Since you've been so patient, I'll give you an additional 20% off."  Of course, I said that would be great!  Grand total $57.60!!  Needless to say, I was super excited!

Guess the moral of this story kindness and maybe somebody will return the favor!  :o)


  1. Congratulations! I'm still eyeing the orange.

  2. Congrats! Wonderful bottomline to your story. Like Hexicon, I'm also considering the orange because of your rave ;)

  3. Hexicon...Go for it! Don't know if you have the mohair lucille coat, but I just realized the orange Biella's are almost a perfect match.

    Tiffany Rose...Thanks! and what in the world are you waiting on, girl?! Now's the perfect time...25% off and free shipping! ;o)

    Crew Cricket...Is that a deal or what?!! Planning to wear them tomorrow! :o)

  4. Oh Wow! how nice!!! I'd love to grab one pair for me with this price!!!!
    I'm planning to go to the Clarence Center in December, hope I can find se still there waiting for me :o)

  5. Oh I hope so too! Make sure when you go, you hit both stores...there is one on Millrace Rd and there is another at Wyndhurst. There's different stuff at each store. Fill us in after your visit.