Friday, November 18, 2011

OOTD 11/18/2011

Happy Friday!  And an added bonus for work next week!  I'm taking the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, my 20th wedding anniversary and I'm throwing in a little "me" time.  It should be an awesome week!  I'm also going to try to finish my Christmas shopping.  I'm almost there...just a few loose ends to tie up.  I have to finish early before the madness starts and I can tell that its starting to "kick up" a notch. 

Today's outfit includes some old favorites from 2009.  The faded floral tee is still one of my favorites.  It's from the period when J Crew was slapping chiffon on everything.  By the way, has anybody else noticed that there haven't been any graphic tee releases recently?  It's just as well, I don't need anymore, for sure...but I guarantee that wouldn't stop me if they came out with something super cute.  I don't know what it is but, I just love those "dressed up" tees. 

I also added the mohair retro-stripe cardigan into the mix today.  Another great item that if you don't have, you would be lucky to lay your hands on!  I actually saw one for sale on ebay recently with a decent starting price.  To finish today's look, I added my staple pearl hammock necklace, jeans and some "way cute" tweed bow flats.

J Crew Mohair Retro Stripe Cardigan - Size S
J Crew Faded Floral Tee - Size S
Gap Straight Fit Jeans - Size 6
J Crew Factory Pearl Hammock Necklace
J Crew Tweed Bow Ballet Flats


  1. i just read about this topic on one of the blogs(,so guess that means more people are missing the embellished tees.
    i dont have many,but i also like them a lot.i will be wearing my snowflake tee soon.

  2. I have the snowflake tee too! and a reindeer tee! :o) I'm with you...can't wait to pull them out!

  3. I never wear my graphic tees, but I know what you mean. :)

  4. I think these pieces are just as pretty now as they were when JC first rolled them out. I have the same cardi and tee and count them among my favorites.

    Next month I'm breaking out my 3 beaded angel wing tee's and a few sequin detailed cashmere sweaters. :)

  5. Gigi...I have a few that I've parted with because I never wore them but there are still several that I love, love, love! :o)

    ABC...ooh, I'll have to look out for the beaded angel wing tee's. I don't remember them but they sound beautiful! and sequined cashmere has got to be gorgeous! Make sure to share some irl's on your blog.

  6. I sure thought that there would be a couple of embellished tees in the holiday offerings! I've kept my favorites and love pulling them out to layer as you have described. A cute (well-made LOL) tee adds juice to my jeans OOTD!
    BTW - I got the factory Scotty dog tee! Cute!

  7. Jen...well-made! Ha, like you, I laugh!! I actually looked down at the tee in this post yesterday and there was a tiny hole that had "sprung up". But that doesn't stop me either! :o) I will definitely check out the Scotty tee...I'm planning to make a factory run on Tuesday. I'm a sucker for pretty much anything with a dog on I'm sure I'll love it!