Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OOTD 11/30/2011-Timeless Plaid

Yep, it's true...I stole this look right off of "shopwithm"!  Polyvore is a wonderful thing!  Love these pants, love this sweater, love these shoes...I'm loving it all today!

These pants have been all over the blogoshpere and everything that I've read about them has been good.  You won't hear anything different here....well made, fully lined and a beautiful, classic tartan plaid.  Speaking of classic,  we should be wearing these for years to come.  A co-worker said this morning, "Oh, I like those pants!"  "I have a skirt in that same plaid....I need to pull it out."  She proceeded to say that the skirt had been her mothers and that her mother had worn it on her honeymoon!  In 1953!!!  Now that's a timeless print!  (I can see myself now...its the year 2069 and I'm 102 still wearing these pants!  HAHA) 

By the way, once again, sorry for the lame pics!  I so wanted you to see the color and "feel" the festiveness of this outfit.  But, stay tuned...big news coming.... 

J Crew Collegiate Cardigan in Navy/Graphite - Size S
J Crew Cotton Contrast Stitch Shirt - Size 6
J Crew Factory Blackwatch Tartan Pants - Size 4
J Crew Penelope Mary Jane Pumps


  1. Looks great! The third pic down conveys texture, warmth and a festive feeling. :) Regarding your co-worker's skirt, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

  2. Your pants remind me of my cableknit sweater from the other day, my grandfather bought it in 1955 in Ireland and gave it to my mom, who passed it down to me! So, you never know- those pants may be on your grand-daughters blog in 50 years! LOL!
    You look great as always!

  3. JV...Thanks! Amen to that...For the most part these days, we buy disposable clothes. Heck, sometimes its falling apart when it arrives. :o)

    EDS...that is so great! and I know you're honored to wear a sweater that you're grandfather bought so many years ago. Hmmm...I better take the best of care of these pants. and I hope I'm around to see her wear them! :o)