Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OOTD 11/2/2011

Today I'm wearing my FAVORITE pair of pants.  They are a gorgeous herringbone. (orangey-red from Fall 2008) 

In addition to the fabulous color, there is a special little touch around the waistband inside of these pants.  It reads....Con-fi-dent (kon' fi dent), adj. having strong trust or full certainty, assured of oneself: J CREW "she is confident and comfortable being herself."  I just love that!

J Crew Factory Prince of Wales Blazer - Size 4
Mossimo Ultrasoft V-Neck Sweater in Gray - Size S
J Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt in White - Size S
J Crew Herringbone Academy Pant - Size 6
J Crew Wool and Tortoise Pumps


  1. I wish I had the long version of these pants. Mine are the cropped ones. I LOVE the little detail in the waistband. Your outfit looks great - with and without the jacket.

  2. I have the citron Portman pant and it has the same thing on the waistband. I guess you would have to be confident to wear such bright colors :) Love your outfit!

  3. Erin...thanks! I adore these pants!

    Milljcrew...hee hee! We have sooo much of the same stuff! We both have an affinity for orange too! :o)

  4. ABC...hmmm, I didn't know they came in a cropped version. I do remember there was a skirt in this color herringbone that I WISH I had. The waistband...another of those little "happy" details we were talking about the other day. :o)

    Momoberry...You're so right! Maybe that's why they put that inside the waistband. For sure you can't blend in. :oP

  5. Love this look on you, the pants are great I love the color! I am hoping you can tell me what year these shoes are from... I scored the low heeled version (called Claire) gray flannel with the tortoise and velvet buckle on ebay and can't find a picture to clip to polyvore.

  6. Lisa...Sorry, I don't know. I'm speculating 2005-2007 but that's just a guess. I purchased mine from ebay too. (I know how you feel...I really hate it when I can't find a pv image)