Thursday, September 9, 2010

OOTD 9/9/2010

Well, I am officially ready for fall!  Actually, I have been since about mid-May.  I mean look at that skin?!  Does it look like I enjoy hanging out in the sun....I'm ghost white!  However, as I've grown older, I've learned to embrace my fair skin.  I only wish I taken my Dad's advice when I was younger and stayed out of the sun, or at the very least, protected my skin against sun damage.  (I used to bake in the sun with baby oil...omg, how horrible)  Word of warning to you 20 somethings, (especially fair skinned ones) take care of your skin, you'll be in your 40's one day too and the damage will start to rear its ugly head.

Oops, I'm off on a tangent...back to OOTD.  I thought this outfit turned out really cute and I think it screams fall.  So here you have it.....

ATL V-neck cardi in vintage yellow, J Crew necklace tee, J Crew cord pencil skirt in golden wood and J Crew Serengeti peep-toes


  1. Oh I love yellow! I should check some cardigans in this color around...if I need some reason to go shopping - lol
    The all outfit is so cute for sure!
    Sorry, but I must to copy this (if I find some yellow cardi:-)! :-)
    I love the peep toes shoes and I tried like crazy to find one everywhere, but I ended up getting the Bandolino pump in the same print.
    You look gorgeous:-

  2. I like the pencil cord skirt a lot! May I ask how tall are you?

  3. Thanks Andrea...this cardigan is from Ann Taylor Loft and I really like everything about it...color, length, fit, etc. Maybe you can pop into the Loft and pick one up 30% off...they are having a special promo tomorrow. Good luck in the hunt! :o)

  4. Hi Rose...I am 5'5". I really like this skirt too. I knew when I saw this color that I had to have's called golden wood, but it reminded me of "acorn" from a couple of years ago. I also like the length and fit...I think it's a touch more fitted than some of the other pencil skirts, but I still stayed with my normal size.

  5. Thanks, My4Boys! I am 5'6" so it should fit me similarly.