Saturday, September 11, 2010

OOTD 9/11/2010

Today's outfit was an out-right copy of tjmcd's set seen here.  It was so cute that I just had to recreate the look with items from my closet.  So here's my version:

ATL V-neck cardigan in feather green, J Crew rolling ruffles tank in warm blush, J Crew vintage matchstick in broken indigo wash and J Crew serengeti capri sandals

Also, I wanted to share my beautiful flowers that I picked up today at the supermarket.  I love having fresh cut flowers around the house...they just seem to add a little something.  I actually planted some sunflowers this spring but some crazy old crows pulled every one of the sprouts right out of the ground.  Alas, I had to buy them instead of cutting my own.  Maybe next year, I'll give it another whirl!


  1. Beautiful outfit and flowers! I just got some sunflowers for my friend I am visiting today as well! Crows are grossly underestimated for their intelligence, I think! :)

  2. Thanks Rose! I've always heard that crows are supposed to be really smart. We'll see if next year I can outsmart them and devise some contraption to protect my growing sunflowers. :o)

    BTW...lucky friend, I know she loved the flowers!

  3. Love this outfit!!! May have to recreate, thanks for the inspiration...lovely blog, btw:)

  4. Thanks mrs a. on both accounts...though I can't take too much credit for the outfit...that was pretty much all tjmcd. But I sure can do a "mean" copy! :o)