Friday, October 28, 2011

Wearing 10/28/2011 and the Honeycomb Cable Sweater Review

Today, I'm wearing one of my purchases from the recent 25% off promo...the Honeycomb Cable Sweater.  It comes in a beautiful array of colors and is to the heavy-side of medium weight.  It's a bit boxy, so I sized down for a better fit. 

Word of's a shedder!!  I had thrown my black wool bella on for my commute to work.  When I took bella off, she was covered in camel colored fuzz.  Yikes...Good thing I keep a lint roller in my desk.  Nevertheless, I still think this sweater is a keeper and I am contemplating purchasing it in other colors.

For today's outfit, I layered my striped tee under "Sir-Shed's-A Lot" and topped it with my leopard print scarf.  I added black jeans and some super cute J Crew ballet flats.  I received several compliments today on this outfit but the best came from my seventeen year old son.  As I was headed out the door this morning, my son said, "You look cute."   Awwww....warms a mother's heart!

J Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Heather Acorn - Size XS
J Crew Classic Stripe Tissue Tee - Size XS
Old Navy Skinny Jeans in Black - Size 6
Old Navy Leopard Print Scarf
J Crew Flannery Ballet Flats


  1. I love the look, and much more your son's compliment!
    I dry my hair straight, just because my oldest son likes best. Only a compliment coming from my children, is worth more than ten compliments of my DH! It makes my day :o)
    So funny!

  2. milljcrew...that's what I thought...made my day!!

    Andrea...thanks! That's funny! Yes, we definitely treasure those compliments from our children. :o)

  3. Love the honeycomb sweater on you! I just tried it on today and really like it--now just to decide on which color! The comment from your son is SO sweet! Esp. b/c he's 17--kinda unexpected! I hope my boy stays that sweet (he's only 7 now)!

  4. KW...Thanks! I really like it too! (except for the excessive shedding) I many beautiful colors! I really like the poppy. (and the hydrangea and dahlia.) I bet your boy will grow up to be just as sweet! I was only blessed with one but I got a really good one! :o)