Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wearing 9/10/2011

I had to take my little guy to the vet this morning...we found a small growth on the side of his neck.  It appears to be benign...thank goodness!  As we were leaving, I had to snicker at the two of us.  Me, decked out from head to toe in J Crew, including cashmere hoodie, pearls and rosette flip-flops.  Him, a lumbering, 120 pound, lovable oaf who slobbers quite a bit....definitely an odd couple but a match made in heaven, nonetheless!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

   J Crew Wool/Cashmere Hoodie (Holiday 2008) - Size M
J Crew Tissue Tee - Size S
American Eagle Skinny Jeans - Size 6
J Crew Rosebud Capri Sandals in Metallic Graphite
Mossimo for Target Belt

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