Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 Fashion Tips in 30 Days - Tip#27

Tip#27...Dress for your body, not your age

If your arms are svelte enough for a sleeveless dress or your legs are toned enough for shorts, show off what you've got, while you've still got it.  However, be mindful of the matronly tipping point when that item that looked so cute on you at 25 can begin to look frumpy at 40.

Borrowed in part from, Instyle Makeover Magazine's article, "50 Best Fashion Tips Of All Time."


  1. i wanted to thank you again for the elephant neclace,that i received today.a friend brought it for me from the states.
    i will wear it a lot and maybe it will bring good luck!

  2. You are so welcome...Thanks for being a faithful follower of my little blog! That's right the elephant is supposed to bring good luck...hope he brings you bunches!