Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Fashion Tips in 30 Days - Tip#18

Tip#18....Go beyond the blazer

You should already have your go-to tailored jacket.  But a wardrobe of less formal toppers will help you look pulled together even on casual days.  Try a leather jacket with wool trousers, a jean jacket over a silk shirt, or an army jacket over just about anything.

Madewell Fielder Jacket  $168

Borrowed in part from, Instyle Makeover Magazine's article, "50 Best Fashion Tips Of All Time."


  1. I just hit my local Marshalls yesterday and scooped up 2 great jackets! One brown leather and the other a military style one. So excited to find such bargains. I agree- a jacket (even a casual one) can make any outfit look polished and complete.

  2. EMS...glad you got some bargains! I need to see if I can lay my hands on a reasonably priced military styled jacket.