Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 Fashion Tips in 30 Days - Tip#8

Tip#8....Touch The Inside

The garment's lining is often a designer's calling card, and a good way to judge quality.  A well-crafted lining is a sign that the whole piece has been sewn with care.  I so agree with this and have to say that I love it when a designer adds those special little touches inside...a nice satin lining, some grosgrain ribbon or an unexpected pop of color.
 Love the waistband inside these pants!  It reads....Con-fi-dent (kon' fi dent), adj.  having strong trust or full certainty, assured of oneself:    J CREW   "she is confident and comfortable being herself."

Borrowed in part from, Instyle Makeover Magazine's article, "50 Best Fashion Tips Of All Time."

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