Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OOTD 2/8/2012 - Loafin'

My friend needed to run into TJ Maxx...and I came out with a new pair of shoes.  I fought myself but in the end, I still came home with them anyway.

They are neutral suede driving loafers from Michael Kors.  Super cute and super comfy.  I actually sized down half a size, as my normal 7 was a little loose. 

J Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Heather Acorn - Size XS
J Crew Paisley Perfect Shirt - Size 6
J Crew Cafe Capri Herringbone Pants - Size 4
Michael Kors Suede Loafers

I think they are a great accent to today's outfit...which I love for all of its pattern and texture variation.

Does anybody else out there have these conversations with themselves while shopping? (You don't need another pair of shoes!  But they're so cute!  Put them back! and so on....)


  1. The Michael Kors loafers are so darn cute. Match perfect with your outfit. Yes, I always have a conversation with myself while shopping. " No you don't need this". " You have something similar, how many pairs of jeans you need." " Get out of here NOW." Sometimes my conversation wins, sometimes I win and I will go home with something I totally buy on impluse.

    1. So glad to know that I'm not the only one who talks to myself...I was beginning to question my sanity! :o)