Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OOTD 8/25/2010

So, I think I've employed a new photographer.  My son started school today so I got him to snap an outfit of the day pic before I scurried out the door.  Just what your sixteen year old son wants to do....take pictures of mom's outfits.  Actually, he was very accommodating!  So here you go....

Crewlet Indigo Cardi, Sequin Necklace Tank in Wild Mushroom, Cafe Capri in Black
and Cole Hann Carma Mid Air Pumps


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  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, but I know you from the Polyvore!
    Great combination! Love this cardigan!
    Is it from the Crewlet? What a nice surprise. I have to visit my local Crewlet soon! lol

  3. You look so adorable! I just discovered that you have your own blog today while looking at your OOTD on Polyvore. I'm looking forward to following you. :)

  4. Thanks Andrea! This cardi is from the Crewlet and I love it...The colors are so vibrant! I missed out last year on the retail indigo print when I stumbled across this sweater I knew I had to make it mine! :o)

  5. Thanks're too sweet! Yep, I took the leap into "blogland"....I only hope that I can do half as well with mine as you do. :o)

  6. Congratulations on getting your son to take your photos :)
    I'm so glad to finally see this cardi IRL. The outfit looks just as pretty on you as the polyvore set. I love that print - I really wish I had paid more attention to the top last year. I know the outlet has the fabric but in the frances ruffle top(I mean seriously how many ruffled tops do they seriously want us to have??? :) I had to pass :(

  7. What I sweet boy I have! :o)
    Yep, it was between the francis cami and this cardi in the indigo print. I already have a couple of the francis camis and I thought I could get more wear from the sweater.