Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OOTD 11/9/2010

This morning I got dressed, took my picture and thought, "Hmmm....maybe this would look better without the tights.  So, right there in the dining room, I proceeded to remove my tights...retook the picture and decided I preferred the look without the tights.  Good thing I'd shaved my legs!  :o) 

Which do you prefer...with or without tights?

J Crew Cotton Contrast Stitch Shirt
J Crew V-neck cashmere cardigan
J Crew cord pencil skirt in golden wood
Tory Burch greta wedge clog in charcoal/sienna
J Crew crystal snowball necklace


  1. Love this outfit! I do prefer without tights, as well. But if the weather states you need the tights, then I think they do work. Congrats on your TB wedge clogs! They are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks FFM! I may have to wear them this winter with the tights. :o)

  3. I also prefer this particular outfit without tights. I think if you are going to wear grey tights with a colorful skirt, it's best to wear shoes in a similar hue. The rule I try to follow when wearing skirts and tights is "2 out of 3": out of your shoes, tights, and skirt, two out of three should be relatively close in color. Obviously no fashion rule is hard and fast, though :)

  4. Andrea, thanks for weighing in! I agree...it "just" wasn't right. And I think you're correct...there was too much going on with the skirt, the tights and the shoes. BTW, thanks for the "2 out of 3" tip! :o)