Friday, November 5, 2010

OOTD 11/5/2010

Today's outfit idea was borrowed from my friend coffeegirl on polyvore.  You can see her set here.  It was so super cute, I just had to copy it!  I don't think I would have ever thought to put the doggie tee and my leopard print cardi together...and yet, it is adorable!  Ah, the beauty of polyvore!

My irl picture doesn't include the downtown field jacket...but I wore that too!  Snapped the photo, grabbed my jacket and my purse and out the door I went.  (in a mad rush, as usual)

Also, for anyone who's interested....Target is offering again, the very popular Mossimo Katherine Engineer Boots boots from last year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and imo they are well worth the $49.99 price tag.  So if you missed out on these last year, you might want to consider picking up a pair. They are offered in brown and black.
J Crew doggie tee
J Crew spotted cat cardi
Mossimo jeans from Target
Mossimo Katherine Engineer Boots from Target
J Crew downtown field jacket in mossy brown
Mossimo belt from Target
J Crew beaded layering necklace


  1. I love the dog tee!! It goes with just about anything, doesn't it. Great outfit.

  2. Thanks Patina...That it does! I love just about anything with a dog on it...Put a dog on something and I'll snatch it up! :o)

  3. A perfect weekend or running around outfit. I love it!