Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby, It's cold outside

If you're in the market for a coat, Old Navy has some super deals on some really cute coats.  I went by yesterday with a couple of my co-workers and here are just a few of the items which I found interesting.

One of my friends actually purchased this one....the color of this coat, imo, is perfection.  The color is called "golden gate"...not red, not orange but a perfect combination of the two....and at $29 for a lined wool blend coat, it's a steal!
This coat was really cute too...and very J Crew-esque, without the price tag.  My co-worker purchased this one yesterday in the yellow. I believe she paid a mere $40.
Another cutie!  I have the J Crew version of this from last year in camel.  This is a nice representation for a fraction of the J Crew price...$60 if I'm not mistaken.

Need a wool blend trench coat with fur trimmed collar?  This is a great option at $70.

And this was my personal favorite...a nubby wool blend, double breasted coat with a back waist belt for a slimming effect.  It appeared much more expensive than it's $60 price tag.  I really had to fight myself over this one...."you don't need another coat!"  "But, it's so cute!"  "You don't need another coat!"  "It's only $60!"   And I have a feeling the fight isn't over....I may still have to go back for this one!    

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