Monday, January 18, 2016

Make A Statement

Old man winter has definitely shown up...yesterday morning we woke up to falling snow in northern central North Carolina.  and tonight the temps are forecast to dip into the low teens.  Brrrr!

Cooler weather calls for extra warmth, and since that's the first and sometimes only thing people see, why not make a statement...a fun color, an eye-catching print or some added embellishment for interest.

Here are a few that come with the Tweed and Toile stamp of approval...

Loft Faux Fur Collar Coat (runs large...I sized down)

Loft Leopard Jacquard Coat (to the large size of tts...I sized down)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi there Girlfriend! I sorta forgot that you mentioned you were reviving the blog! I'm loving it and all these fab coats!

    1. Heyyy! I feels good to be back in the
      'blogging-saddle"! :)