Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Whew!  This weekend was a whirlwind, but the party was great!  We could not have asked for nicer weather.  and it was great to see old friends and family.

Here are my latest ootd....
(this is what I wore to the party)

J Crew 5" Chino Shorts in White - Size 4
J Crew Skinny Leather Belt in Modern Red
Tiffany Silver Bracelet
Ann Taylor Loft Snakeskin Sandals in Red


J Crew Deco Dots Cardi - Size M
J Crew Factory Sequin Zebra Tee - Size S
Old Navy Bootcut Jeans in White
J Crew Factory Twisted Pearl Hammock Necklace
J Crew Pearl Cluster Bracelet
J Crew Metallic Lucaya Espadrilles in Pewter


J Crew Domino Jaquard Skirt - Size 6
Forever 21 Necklace
J Crew Turtle Pendant Necklace
J Crew Mila Heels

 I really like this Land's End Canvas shirt and even better it was only $8.  There's a green one just like it that I would like to have but its a whopping $12 since I don't have the 30% off code anymore.  BTW, does anybody know how the LE Canvas bottoms run in comparison to J Crew?  Wondering if I would purchase my normal J Crew bottom size or size up? 


  1. All three fabulous outfits! I missed that stripe thandie in my size ;(

    Everything looks so cute on you. :)

    1. Thanks, girl! Oh man! Maybe it will popback in your size. (fingers crossed)
      I missed the Thandie is light aqua...I'm checking for popbacks and kicking myself all the while. :o)

  2. Love the striped Thandie!

    I have a pair of LEC shorts in chino fabric. I laid my JCrew chino shorts (in the same numeric size) on top of them & the LEC's run a full inch wider from the waist band all the way down to the end of the shorts. My LEC's are from two years ago - maybe someone has more recent experience with them. :)

    1. I know...I believe you're the one who introduced me to the striped thandie. Thanks...I love it!!!

  3. Hi. I just received the seersucker shorts from LEC. I ordered a size 4 - the same as my JC size - and they fit perfectly. Also, LEC has their shorts for $12 right now and free shipping with no minimum with code GETAWAY and pin 1278. Today is the last day.

    1. Oh perfect...just what I needed to know. They have a cute pair of green and white gingham check but they're already sold out in my size. :o( Thanks for the info!

  4. I'm going to have to rethink that striped thandie - it is a great-looking top on you!

  5. Lis, you NEED this sweater! It matches our monogram necklace perfectly!! ;o)