Friday, October 8, 2010

OOTD 10/8/2010

Whew...I'm glad the workday is over!  I had to go this morning to do some special business continuity testing, so that meant roughly an hour and a half drive in morning interstate traffic...ugg!  My conclusion...people can NOT drive and well, they're just down right crazy!  Typically, my commute to the office is about 45 minutes each way...but I'm able to take a lot of back roads so I don't have to deal with "as many" of the "loonies".

Today's outfit...yet another with the ATL v-neck cardigan...I almost feel like apologizing...but I luv'm!
ATL v-neck cardi in oak brown melange
J Crew rosette tee
J Crew matchstick jeans
Old Navy scarf
ATL wedge sandals
Target Leather Belt


  1. I hear you about the crazies and loonies. We had some prize winners of all time in our commute to PA a few weeks ago. The DC area is the worst. We had a car weave around us (we were in the middle lane, cars scattered in all lanes) at approx 110 miles per hour (thats according to DH who rides tracks with his motorcycle) - it went by so fast, we couldnt even tell what kind of car it was. We looked at each other and my husband said "Did that really just happen?" There was barely enough space between our cars. That, and the motorcycles that ride between the lanes of traffic!!! They give the safe riders a bad reputation! The real doozies are the people on cell phones who slow down but don't realize it and everyone is trying to get around them!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is scary! and the motorcycles, you would think they would be on high alert since they are harder to see. One wrong move and they're in serious trouble!