Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Brynn

Another recent purchase with the use of my "not-so-red" card was the Brynn cardigan.

She arrived yesterday and I am very pleased.  I can see it being my comfy, go-to cardigan this fall and winter.  It's made of 45% acrylic, 37% superfine alpaca, and 18% merino wool so it's pretty substantial and will be perfect for cool mornings/evenings.  I actually started to get a little warm while I was taking the pictures.  I love the contrast of the lighter front and the darker back and sleeves.  In addition to the color, the size of the knit is different too.  The lighter color has a chunkier knit which adds interest as well.  Oh, and it has these great little pockets on the front

Typically, I wear a Small in J Crew sweaters, but I decided the X-small offered more of the fit I was looking for.  The Small would have been fine if I'd wanted a more "relaxed" look.  This sweater has a touch of "grandpa's sweaters" vibe...but in a good I thought a slightly more fitted look would be better.  Also, the length of the sleeves was better on the X-small.  On the Small, I would have had to roll back the cuff.  For reference, I'm 5'5", and the hem hits just under my rump.

Hope this helps....I'd love to hear from anyone else who's tried the Brynn!


  1. Hi. Thanks for posting IRL pics of this cardigan. I love your description and admit that I am sold on getting it now that you say it has the "grandpa" type feel. This is just the cardigan that I need in my wardrobe. I love the contrast of colors and it's something completely different than anything that I already own. You look fantastic in this pic and your previous posts. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think that's one of the reasons I liked it too...because it was different. Hurry to your b&m...if they have it in store you can get 30% off...I think that ends Monday...who knows even if the don't, they may order it for you and honor the discount...since that's the specific sweater you're looking for.
    BTW...did you notice "our favorite scarf" in my OOTD? It's back!!! :o)

  3. Actually, I'm waiting for a deeper discount than that lol.I listened to Charles Stanely's son message on the Assumption of Consumption and it just changed my life and how I view God's money and stewardship. I did notice "our favorite scarf"!!! I'm sorry I didn't get it in the tan color.

  4. Love it paired with the tee. Very very nice!!

  5. Patina...I'll have to check out that message. I really like Charles Stanley but I've never heard his son.

  6. Thanks Fatima! I think I'll get lots and lots of wear from this sweater.