Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTD 10/29/2011

Today's outfit was a perfect weekend look.  It passed the three C's test....cute, casual and comfy!
1. Cute- It includes my gingham check shirt, so it can't help but pass the cute test.  I swear, my cost per wear has to be in the pennies by now.
2. Casual- What's more casual than jeans, a sweatshirt and tennis shoes?!
3. Comfy- Yep, cozy and relaxed!
All-in-all, it was a great Saturday outfit!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

J Crew Factory Haya Pullover Sweatshirt - Size S
J Crew Check Shirt - Size 6
J Crew Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
Converse All-Star Tennis Shoes

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wearing 10/28/2011 and the Honeycomb Cable Sweater Review

Today, I'm wearing one of my purchases from the recent 25% off promo...the Honeycomb Cable Sweater.  It comes in a beautiful array of colors and is to the heavy-side of medium weight.  It's a bit boxy, so I sized down for a better fit. 

Word of's a shedder!!  I had thrown my black wool bella on for my commute to work.  When I took bella off, she was covered in camel colored fuzz.  Yikes...Good thing I keep a lint roller in my desk.  Nevertheless, I still think this sweater is a keeper and I am contemplating purchasing it in other colors.

For today's outfit, I layered my striped tee under "Sir-Shed's-A Lot" and topped it with my leopard print scarf.  I added black jeans and some super cute J Crew ballet flats.  I received several compliments today on this outfit but the best came from my seventeen year old son.  As I was headed out the door this morning, my son said, "You look cute."   Awwww....warms a mother's heart!

J Crew Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Heather Acorn - Size XS
J Crew Classic Stripe Tissue Tee - Size XS
Old Navy Skinny Jeans in Black - Size 6
Old Navy Leopard Print Scarf
J Crew Flannery Ballet Flats

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wearing 10/27/2011

Any of you who have been following me very long, know that I love anything pumpkin.  I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump...pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pop-tarts, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin bread, pumpkin.....  (and yes, I've eaten all of it this season. :o))  My son asked why everything in our house was pumpkin.  (because it's delish!)  Anyway, today I discovered that Krispy Kreme has a pumpkin spice doughnut. (Krispy Kreme is another of my loves)  It's described as an old fashioned cake doughnut with pumpkin flavors and spices covered in KK orginal glaze.  Yummmmy...I think I'll stop by after work and pick up a few.  :o)

J Crew Terra Paisley Dress - Size 6
J Crew Jackie Cardi in Burnished Olive - Size S
Merona tights from Target in Brown
J Crew Plaid Spectator Mary Janes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OOTD 10/25/2011

Ha...I threw you a curve ball today...I tossed in a little bit of Ann Taylor Loft to mix it up a touch.  Unfortunately, this outfit didn't turn out quite as cute irl as I'd hoped, but not a total loss....The shoes saved the day.  They are fabulous!!! (I blogged about them here)  I still like these cord skirts a lot too and this color is one of my favorites.

Also, don't forget about my GIVEAWAY for a $25 J Crew gift card.  If you haven't entered already, there's still some time.  All you have to do is be a Tweed and Toile follower.  You can also receive a BONUS entry by blogging about the giveaway and leaving me a separate comment stating that you did.  It's that simple!

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Corsage Sweater in Charcoal - Size XS
J Crew 3/4 Length Sleeve Stretch Shirt in White - Size M
J Crew Cord Pencil Skirt in Golden Wood - Size 6
J Crew Wool and Tortoise Pumps

Monday, October 24, 2011

OOTD 10/24/2011

"Great fashion is all about surprise.  It should always be about doing something that isn't by the book."...Reed Krakoff, President and Executive Creative Director of Coach, Inc.

What a great quote!  I like that little unexpected something...a dash of animal print, a bold color combination and the like.  Today, the unexpected something is animal print, which I do quite, for me perhaps, it's not that unexpected.  Oh well.......

In addition to my tortoise print pumps and belt, I did some layering and turned my cuffs back Crew style.  I feel very J Crew catalog today.  :o)

J Crew Space Dyed Tee - Size S
J Crew Cotton Contrast Stitch Shirt - Size 6
J Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardi in Navy - Size S
J Crew Perfect Pencil Skirt in Cinnamon Stick - Size 6
J Crew Skinny Tortoise Patent Belt
J Crew Juliet Tortoise Patent Pumps

Sunday, October 23, 2011

OOTD 10/23/2011

Happy Sunday!  A beautiful sunny fall day calls for some happy autumn colors in your ootd...that's why today's outfit starts with the candy tee in citron.  I added the hazelnut cords, which compliments the beading and graphics of the tee nicely, and topped it off with a gray cashmere/wool blend hoodie and my kinzie ballet flats.  These shoes are so cute and are a perfect match to this tee.

J Crew Candy Tee - Size M
J Crew Matchstick Cords in Glazed Hazelnut - Size 28
J Crew Cashmere Cardi in Gray replaced w/ Linda Hoodie - Size M
J Crew Kinzie Calf Hair Ballet Flats

Saturday, October 22, 2011

OOTD 10/22/2011 and an Old Navy Visit

A great outfit for running errands...nice and comfy. and super simple...jeans, a sweatshirt and sandals. The contrasting trim and exaggerated crew neck gives a little panache to an otherwise "normal" sweatshirt. 

J Crew Factory Haya Pullover - Size S
J Crew Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
Old Navy Tank in White - Size S
J Crew Deseree Leather Sandals

Also in my travels today, I popped into Old Navy and noticed some very "J Crew-esque" items.  Something J Crew has done quite a bit of lately...stripes and sequins.
Old Navy Striped and Sequined Tees....They were cute, but a little on the thin side.  Nevertheless, for $15 I probably would've bitten if I didn't already have more striped tees than any one person needs.  Also, very familiar looking are the Sequin Henley Tank and the Lace Yoke Jersey Tank.
Old Navy Sequin Henley Tank $18

J Crew Sequin Stripe Henley Tank $60

Old Navy Lace Yoke Jersey Tank $6
J Crew Scallop Lace Shell $30

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Of course, it's a TREAT!
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Good Luck and Thanks Again!          

Friday, October 21, 2011

OOTD 10/21/2011

Today's outfit was a down-right copy...I admit it!  But it's ok, I told her that I was going to do it.  I saw this ever-so-cute outfit on the lovely M, from shopping with M. (see her here)  It was so cute, casual and yet pulled together all at the same time that I couldn't resist.  My only variation from her original version was to replace the tee with my beloved shoe tee.  It was super cute!  Thanks M for dressing me today!

J Crew Factory Prince of Wales Blazer - Size 4
J Crew Shoe Tee - Size M
J Crew Long Sleeve White Tee - Size S
J Crew Christiane Calf-Hair Ballet Flats
J Crew Factory Tortoise and Fireball Necklace

Thursday, October 20, 2011

OOTD 10/19/2011

Whew...the last couple of days have been some "doosies".  No polyvore or blog, today I'm playing catch up with my last couple OOTD's.  I revisited some old favorites in the paisley perfect shirt and the moss tweed skirt.

I'm excited to see the 25% off and free shipping promo on the new arrivals.  Now, if I can just find some time to visit the website and make my selections.

J Crew Collegiate Cardi - Size S 
J Crew Paisley Perfect Shirt - Size 6
J Crew City Fit Wool Bistro Pant in Charcoal - Size 4
Cole Haan Tortoise Pumps

J Crew Dream Turtleneck - Size S
J Crew Moss Tweed Pencil Skirt - Size 6
J Crew Black Patent Mary Janes

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OOTD 10/15/2011

Today, we went on our third (and I believe final) college visit.  This is the school that my son really has his heart set on, so fingers crossed.  The campus is large and I definitely got my exercise in yesterday....lots of walking and climbing steps, etc. and my calves are feeling it.

I wore the school, white and black.  I started with my red chambray shirt, added a black and white striped sweater and topped it off with my black bella.  It was cool and windy in the morning, so she felt good until about mid-day.  I also wore my Tretorns for the miles of walking that I knew we would do.

J Crew Bella Jacket in Black - Size 6
Merona Red Chambray Shirt - Size S
Old Navy Striped Sweater  - Size M
J Crew Cropped Matchstick Jeans - Size 27
Tretorn Canvas Tennis Shoes

Thursday, October 13, 2011

OOTD 10/13/2011

J Crew Stripe Shirt - Size S
Ann Taylor Loft Factory Tweed Dress - Size 6
Ann Taylor Loft Black Patent Sling Back Pumps
J Crew Necklace